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About Us

ZANMARHEIM K9 & SECURITY is a South African based company that specialises in training of dogs & handlers (DH 1 - 4)

We Supply quality trained dogs to the Security Industry serving our customers both locally and internationally.
We have been specialising in German Shepherd and Dog training for the last 20 years.

Training and intervention is designed according to our clients' specific needs and specifications.

Facilitation is done by recognised subject matter experts, who deliver practical information that allows positive implementation and impact of the Canine and Handler in the workplace.

ZANMARHEIM K9 & SECURITY is in the proses of certification with the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA), the Education Training and Development Practises Authority (ETDP SETA)

About the Owner

Jan Combrink
“It is safe to say that : German Shepherd Dogs are entrenched in my Blood.”

Here is a short summary of the Positions I held:

Work Related:
  • Started with Dogs in 1991 (South African National Defense Force Dog School) - Qualified Dog Handler. I served my military service in the Dog school at the training facility for dogs to be deployed for Protection.

  • From 1992-1997 at Von Wolfhagen German Shepherds. Management of all Canine affairs.

  • From 1997-2000 Amplats (Rustenburg Platinum Mine Dog Division) Management of Training, Breeding and supplying Amplats handlers with Trained dogs. Also Studied towards my Security Management 1, Technicon SA.

  • From 2000 - 2006 Public Protection Services. (Owned By "Frikkie Van Kraayenburg & George Rossam") Director Canine Services. Handling of all canine affairs, Main Client, Nedbank

  • 2006 - 2014 Odyssey Security Solutions – Director Operations Qualified S.O.B (Security Officers Board) Grade A and Dog and Handler instructor DH1-DH4

Hobby Related:
  • German Shepherd Dog Federation of Southern Africa
  • Qualified National Schutchund Helper- Did four National Schutchund Competitions
  • Qualified National Breed Helper-Did six National Breed show Competitions including 2005
  • Qualified Breed Survey helper.
  • Breeder and Owner of Zanmarheim German Shepherds from 2002
  • (Total Winner of the top 20 German Shepherd Federation kennel of 2005)
  • Chairman of the Apollo German Shepherd Dog Federation club of South Africa until 2010
  • Training Supervisor of Apollo German Shepherd Dog club until 2009
  • Chairman of the North Gauteng committee of the German Shepherd Dog Federation until 2008
  • Ex-National Breed Supervisor of the German Shepherd Dog Federation of S.A
  • Ex-Qualified Tattooist of the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa
  • I have trained from 1991- 2014 (23 Years) Hundreds of dogs and handlers.
To be the preferred Canine business partner and Security Dog supplier of choice within the security industry.

Trust in our animals | Value of our service | Commitment to supply Quality Dogs.

Committed to conducting our business activities with integrity, honesty and respect.
Committed to putting our animals as partners first.
Building long term partnerships with our clients.
Passionate about our business clients needs.
Support creative and progressive training techniques in the Service.
Dog industry.
Dedicated toward providing a cost effective service to all members of Public.

  • Our Dogs are fully Trained GSD's For Sale or to Hire
  • Dog Handlers ( Levels DH1 - DH 4 )
  • DH Training : Zanmarheim is an Accredited Canine Training Centre
  • Registered with PSIRA(Private Security Industry regulatory Authority)
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